Nuts Zakhid Premium has been a favorite among consumers in our country for a long time. Both adults and young people enjoy them. Rich content of vitamins and trace element strengthen the immunt system and are benefical to the health of the whole body. Selected nuts, high standarts of processing technology provide maximum preservation of useful properties and taste, guaranteeing the undeniable quality of the product.

Nuts - a sourse of vitamins and minerals. Nuts contain vitamins of group B, vitamin A, E, P and others minerals, phosporus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc.

2. Allmost all nuts contain 60-70% of fat, bud it is known that there is no "harmful" cholesterol in these fats, but fatty acids - abound.

3. The kernel of a nut - a perfect protein. Protein, which is in a nut, can replace animal proteins.

4. Another irrefutable argument in favor of nuts: even people, who are overweight, can eat them. Despite the fact that, for example, some nuts have more calories than chocolate, low carbohydrate content makes them virtually harmless to our figures.


18% of protein, small amount of carbohydrates, rich set of vitamins B and E - is only the beginning of useful properties of almonds. There is a lot of calcium in it, so if you are not friends with dairy products - almond will replenish stocks of this trace element. Almonds contain more phosphorus than other nuts, a lot of magnesium,pottasium, zinc and iron.Almond gives support to theeth, hair, skin, improves vision and brain activity, cleanses internal organs.

Hazelnut (filbert)

Hazelnut is an excellent source of engry for the body, so it is advised to use at high physical exertion for quick recuperation. It increases metabolism, contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and filic acid. Jnly 100 g of hazelnut a day is enough ro meet the daily requirement of proteins, and protein is digested perfectly. Regular consumption of hazelnuts in combination with honey and dried apricots is an excellent tool for the prevention of cardiovasculae diseases. And like walnuts, hazelnut has the reputation os "smart" nut as very positively effects on blood flow in the brain and , consequently, helps to improve memory and enhances mental activity.


These, until recently, exotic in our regin nuts contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, nicotinic acid. Also rish in protein 18%, fatty acids - 48%, and unlike other nuts they contain a lot of carbohydrates - 22,5%, so consider this when you want to lose weight. Cashew is useful in anemia, depression, it improves metabolism, normalizes cardiac function, reduces cholesterol level in blood.


Have a tonic effect, promote recovery after heavy physical exertion. they contain iron, vitamins A, B1, E. and plenty of vitamin B6 - the same as in beef liver. Pistachios also help to lose weight.