Popcorn is classic American sweet which has become usual for all of us. For producing our popcorn, we have selected the best sorts of corn and also the natural ingredients for producing caramel and salty sorts. Try them! And you`ll be surprised that you`ve discovered for yourself new shades of taste of well-known popcorn.

We guarantee high quality of product because all the ingredients and the production equipment are delivered from the USA and we absolutely follow the original technology and recipe.

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is a corn covered with natural cooked caramel shell which is cooked at high temperature in the special equipment. Caramel recipes are made a lot, but for the best combination with the taste of popcorn, we have used the original American recipe. Also in our new collection is included a perfect combination of the classic caramel taste with some peanuts and peanut butter as well as with some cinnamon. Caramel popcorn is definitely different from normal popcorn with caramel flavor because it is covered with natural cooked caramel. It is noticeable even with a view of the volume of packaging. In 100g of popcorn the weight of corn is only 25%, but caramel and its ingredients are 75%.

Salty popcorn

Delicious popcorn for you, your family and friends. We chose the most popular and delicious tastes: popcorn with salt, popcorn with butter and popcorn with cheese. Ready-to-eat product manufactured using modern equipment, based on natural ingredients that imported from the United States. The main difference is the high quality in everything - from packaging to each ingredient in the finished product. Try it!

Popcorn for microwave oven

To eat popcorn, not necessarily leave the house! Suffice it to stock up at the nearest store or supermarket, and equally good time watching your favorite movie or series, or just in the pleasant company of family and friends. We are pleased to offer a new collection of popcorn "Funny Lambs" microwave with three classic flavors: cheese, butter, salt. For full readiness to consume only need a few minutes in the microwave. Quickly! Simply! Deliciously! Manufactured in the best factories in Europe with natural ingredients of the highest quality. We did it to fully enjoy the taste of fresh warm popcorn.

Corn sticks

Corn sticks - useful goodies come from childhood. Whenever we taste it, feeling the sweet crunch takes us back to childhood. This delicious and popular snack product is ideal for quick replenishment of energy. Corn Sticks with high nutritional and biological value, and almost completely absorbed by the human body. Thanks to regular consumption of corn activated metabolic processes in the body, increases vitality. All products are made presented us with quality raw materials without adding dyes, synthetic sweeteners or preservatives, the qualitatively different from similar products in the domestic market represented.