Seeds from sunflower and pumpkin are always popular among cosumers. People from big major cities and small towns and villages eat them.Qualifying well-roasted seeds. comfortable and beautiful packaging give this product stable popularit6y among consumers,

Why useful?

Useful properties of pumpkin seeds are due  to their rich composition, because they contain vatamins (especially a lot - E and B, and A, C, D, K, etc.), minerals(iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, maganese, magnesium and etc.), amino acids. which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, prevent the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, giving the skin healthy and beautiful appearance, promote hair growth. Pumpkin seeds incorporate a high content of amino acids and protein, which is important for those who are fasting and vegetarians. Vitamin E - a natural antioxidant and immunomodulator. Vitamins of group B have a positive effect on rhe nervous system, mental ability and normalize metabolic procasses, increase hemoglobin and innune system of the body. Calcium and magnesium strengthen the musculoskeletal system improve nervous and cardiovascular systems. Zinc combined with phosphorus promote the work of brain, circulatory system, gastrointestinal, muskuloskeletal and reproductive functions, strengthen nails, improve hair growth and can help with hair loss and dandruff, treatment of teenage ance, normalize the activity of sebaceous glands, help to preserve vision. Iron increases hemoglobin, adds healthy looking to skin. Copper - an activator of hemoglobin, normalize metabolism. Manganese positively effects on the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system and thyroid gland. Fibre displays toxins, radionuclides, heavy metals from the body.

In order benefit of pumpkin seeds is visiable, it is necessary to eat 50 - 100 grams per day.