TM "MITSNYI GORISHOK" is a favorite type of snack among young and older consumers. Qualifying roasted peanuts with different flavors gained huge popularity. Now consumers can buy products of TM "Mitsnyi Gorishok" in all regions of Ukraine, in major supermarkets and even in small shops.

We appreciate the loyalty of consumers to the products of TM "Mitsnyi Gorishok", so do not skimp on quality.

Do you know what nuts  are the most popular among athletes? They are peanuts, and they are rich in protein at very low cost. Except 26% of protein, peanuts contain 45% of vegetable oil, folic acid, vitamins C, A, D, E, K, B1, B2, PP, as well as sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Positively affects the nervous system, helps to reduce cholesterol level in blood, increases growth and renewal of cells, improwes memory and attention. Peanut has a variety of useful properties. It includes a substance very similar in quaity to antioxidants. This  substance is poliphenol that protects the cells of our body from harmful free radicals. Thus, it helps our body to keep youth for many years. This characteristic is particulary important for the cardiovascular system, because it wears out vary quickly under stress. An interesting fact is that roasting of peanuts has only a positive effect on the amount of polyphenols, at high temperatures this substance is produced with greater speed. Its concentration increases by about a quarter after roasting procedure. According to the content of antioxidants, peanuts are second only after pomegranates.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that peanut - a very high-calorie products, it is often included in the diet. These nuts help to lose weight - that`s why today is so popular peanut diet. The essence of this diet is that peanuts and oil, produced on its basis, quench hunger for a long time and can replace a full meal. Only 25-30 g of nuts will help to get rid og hunger for several hours.

Peanuts are also widely used in cooking. You can eat it in pure from, as a snack, and also add to salads, chicken and meat, vegetable stews.