Fish snacks TM "Kapitan" greatly taste as quick, nufritional and delicious snack in any situation during all day. Anchovies, "zhovtiy polosatik", Black Sea gobies, squids, flaunders, needle fish scats, tunas, fish with pepper - real gouermets will love eating these sea specialties.

High quality of all production TM "Kapitan"was eastimated by the experts and given drunk "contest" winner 100 best goods of Ukraine.

The benefit from eating dried fish was proven by scientists from all over the world. The main benefit from dried fish is in contents of polyunsaturated acids Omega -3. It was proven by the research that eatibg such kind of fish twice a week will help to reduce the risk of forming the cancer cells or slow their development. It will also reduce the risk of the fatal result from infarct in the eldery people, help to resist the accumulation of harmful fat in our veins which can black the bood flow to the heart and brain. If fatty fish is regurarly presented in the menu, it will also help to fight against skin aging significantly. The aging process is in progress more quicker if the body lacks protein and fatty acids Omega -3 presented in fish are able to balance that lack.